Friday, January 02, 2009

Happy New Year 2009-Help me save the planet!

....and a return the the wonderful world of the Internet!
I bought myself a new PC for Christmas...yippee...& I'm back on-line
finally. Now to get back to sewing, & blogging!!!
Also, I'm gonna start the new year out right by finding new things to re-cycle. I know all of us generate so much trash on a daily basis, & we have become such a disposable society. We don't use & re-use anything, we just buy, use, & throw away. almost all of my light bulbs have been changed to spiral fluorescent bulbs to save energy. I unplug all of my small appliances & chargers when they are not in use. If I use disposable plates...which isn't often...I buy paper, not plastic. I crush my own cans, put magazines,newspapers,soda bottles, & phone books in the re-cycle bin for the city. Tin cans,cardboard boxes, &Styrofoam packing are now finding their way into the bin as well. I wonder how many of you recycle your trash? What do you re-cycle? What else can we do to help save the planet for our children's children??? Leave me your feedback in the comment section please.