Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Bag of Scraps....my 1st Mug Rug is born

The front

The back

The Mug Rug
Well lookie here~this is my 1st mug rug created with leftover pieces of fabric from other projects....even the batting is left over. What a fun little quick and easy project that is eco-friendly as well. The back is made from a pair of jeans that no longer fit me. I even made the binding out of left over cutting from the border of a quilt. Yay! I think it turned out sweet....

Saturday, February 04, 2012

A bag full of fabric scraps can be what???

When I went to my Wed. sewing workshop; Gloria #1 (we have 3 Gloria's) had brought in a bag of scraps that she didn't want. Gloria #2 went through it 1st. No one else seem to want them, so #1 told me to take them. (I think she caught me going through the trash can before) LOL! Well so far, I think I've got enough of them sewn together so far that I have 3 pot holders, and 6 mug rugs. Also I have some 4 patch squares left over, and 3 quilted postcard tops. Those are just the ones that are color coordinated so far....and I put some fusible on some of the smaller green pieces, and cut out some stems and leaves with my Go Accuquilt dies. It was too cold/windy to go to my flea market booth today, so I had fun playing with scraps instead. WooHoo! Pictures coming when I finish these up. Thanks Gloria!!!