Wednesday, February 07, 2007

January Mystery Postcard

This is the quilted postcard I made for the groups Jan. Mystery game. I was given the theme of "stained glass windows", & it was my 1st attempt at using thin fusible bias tape. What a pain BTW!


kjbutton said...

Question? Do you use batting or Timtex in the middle of the quilted post cards. I have read about both. I made 2 for my girls for Valentines Day and I think they turned out ok. Just wondering.

Sonja Nelson said...

Hi Kim,
I use peltex that I can buy locally. I haven't tried Timtex yet, & have only seen it on the net. I have used batting in combination w/the peltex on some of my cards to achieve a more contoured effect for the card, but that was a personal choice. Send me a pic of the cards you made, I would love to see them!