Monday, October 03, 2011

I'm back! Living LIFE!!!

Hello my friends, & my poor neglected blog! It is very nice to be back.....back to blogging, back to sewing, back to creating, back to thinking about creating.....back to my LIFE!!!!
It has been a very slow process......
I have been in a funk, a slump, a depressed state, call it what you will....for a very LONG time.
The death of my beloved father....
The death of my younger brother the following summer....
My open heart surgery, the very next summer.....
This all drove me to a very dark place, that lasted for a few years.
The diagnosis of a tumor in my lung, non cancerous at the 2008....
The break up of my family unit 2 months later on April 2nd; (so I guess it couldn't be confused as a BAD April Fools joke.)
D-I-V-O-R-C-E after 15 yrs. of togetherness, my youngest daughter deciding to move with her dad, being a single mother to the middle daughter, & the loss of my medical insurance when I needed it the most, not to mention the moral support.....all shambles....done!
I took some time off from a very energy demanding, life sucking job for about 6 months, but had to return due to financial most of us do, so 2 more years of that.....yikes!
Well I finally quit that job a year ago this month....yay!!!
I have been looking for a job ever since, now that my savings has pretty much been exhausted...and living by the seat of my pants so to speak....
Getting turned down at Toyota USA because of my pulmonary problem....being over qualified for cutting up fresh fruit and packing in those plastic containers at my neighborhood HEB.....& everything in between.....It's amazing that I am still here after all of that isn't it? Well I AM!!!
I feel better now that I let it all hang out here (minus the nasty details of course) but I am sure you get the jest.
I will continue to struggle....I always have!
I will continue to fight.........I am a survivor!
I will fall.............................I always manage to get back up!
I will continue to live...........I have too many unfinished projects to finish....& too many people left on my list to piss off before I go.....LOL!
I will no longer live angry, focus on the past, second guess myself, or allow negativity in my LIFE.
My car is fixed, the roof doesn't leak, I have a part-time job, a few side jobs coming up, my middle daughter just started UT Austin & is doing great.... & I am happy.
You can check out what I've been sewing on my other blog ....& I have some Christmas postcards in the making, & will be posting those pics here in the coming weeks!
Thanks for listening if you are still here....I FEEL BETTER!

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