Monday, August 18, 2008

Making Fabric

I have been piecing together some small scraps to make my own fabric using the technique described in Pat Sloan's book, Crooked Cabin Quilts. Below are some recent pics of the random pieces I have made so far. It's a very small sample of what I've sewn together. I don't bother to trim them up until I'm adding to the side I'm working on, & I've been chain piecing many different sizes at the same time until I get a workable size to add bigger pieces or strips closer to the outside. All of the center pieces are pretty small to start, & I add bigger pieces & strips as I work my way to the outside. I do however press the seams before adding another round, so sewing in chains is the fastest way to go.

Figure 1: This piece is about 1 x 2.5

Figure 2: This block is about 2 x 3.5

Figure 3: This block is about 5 X 5.


pat sloan said...

Oh your 'made fabric' is awesome!! I just LOVE doing this... also called trash bag quilting... hehe

Good JOB! Pat Sloan

Sonja Threadgill Nelson said...

Thanks Pat for taking the time to look @ my progess. I have a really BIG pile now, & the scraps have down quite a bit. My zinger is black/white print, & I have also tucked in some really ugly prints that just seem to disappear when used in small amounts. Updates with be coming soon!