Saturday, November 04, 2006

Jungle Boogie Postcard

Well I've gone & done it this time!
Just started my own Yahoo group for Postcards & ATC's. I really like making these, they are so fun! Very addictive!!! It gives me a chance to use up all the little things I keep saving, & I can't bring myself to throw away those darn scraps! I think they multiply while I'm asleep.
I posted a few pics of the cards I made for Thanksgiving for the troops on my quilting groups, & many of the ladies there expressed so much interest, & wanted to know how I made them. Well a beginner friendly group was born. This is what I made for the group exercise 1. Hope you enjoy it! BTW this is only the 5th card that I've made, & I'm trying out new techniques on each one I make, until I can do everything!
Practice makes perfect right? Or maybe sometimes you just get lucky!
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kjbutton said...

Very cute! I am thinking about doing my own ATC's as soon as I have the time!! I like looking at other peoples creations it inspires me.

Sonja Nelson said...

Thanks Kimmie! I hope you find some spare time soon, but I will warn you that these little works of art are addicting. At least they don't pose any health problems LOL!